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Stuart Jackson 2004

Top End 2003 - Kalbarri Rest Day

Awoke to the sound of the wild birds again, which is kind of pleasant if all you normally wake to is the sound of the city. After breakfast we went for a walk to Red Bluff which is a few hundred metres from the caravan park. Red Bluff is a big rock formation on the beach. Except for one signposted section, the whole beach is a designated dog beach. The offshore reef made for some large waves, and nearby Jacques Point was popular with over a dozen surfers on the long break into shore. It was a very pleasant walk, with the dog getting worn out for the day which was another bonus.

In the morning we made a point of making reservations for the next night which we decided to be a powered site at Monkey Mia Resort. Again the dog was to be no problem, however a $50 bond was mentioned. Booking ahead seems to be a good practice.

For lunch we finally ventured into the town for a look around. Kalbarri certainly seems to be catering for the tourist market, with the main street full of people. The tourist bureau was quite impressive with a board full of about 15 tours to do for each day of the week

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