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Stuart Jackson 2004

Top End 2003 - Derby to Halls Creek

We tried to make an early start this morning as today was going to be a full driving day, probably our longest yet. By the time we had packed up and stopped at Woolworths to pick up a couple of things it was 8:30am, so we had lost a few hours of sunlight already. We made good time out of Derby and within three hours we were at Fitzroy Crossing.

Fitzroy Crossing seemed to be a bit of an unpleasant town and we filled up with fuel here. We also got some lunch from the local roadhouse, which again was a mistake. Fitzroy Crossing is also the gateway to Geike Gorge, with an 18km sealed road to the National Park. Unfortunatley no dogs are allowed in the park, so we gave the gorge a miss for this trip.

We pushed on towards Halls Creek and were there within three hours, around 3:30pm. Again we stopped for fuel. I enquired about the helicopter flights to the Bungle Bungle from Turkey Creek at the Visitor Center. The lady there was very helpful and I booked Kylie and myself a spot for 9am the next morning. Out of the multitude of scenic flights in the area, this appealed to us and was also good value.

We also decided to check our email again at the Halls Creek Telecentre. This turned out to be a bit of a hassle with the laptop connection here awkward, and the staff unhelpful and unfriendly. I persevered and within about 15 minutes had our email downloaded, but didn

you are at: Travel Top End 2003 Derby To Halls Creek
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