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Stuart Jackson 2004

Top End 2003 - Darwin to Daly Waters

We were up early, despite a poor nights sleep being so hot and lots of mosquitoes. When I was emptying our waste water bucket, a small snake about 1 foot long wriggled out of the sullage hole.

We were on the road by 8am, with todays plan being to drive to Mataranka or perhaps, Daly Waters. About an hour or so out of Darwin, the bush on the roadside was burnt and still smoldering as a bushfire had obviously occurred very recently. In the middle of the road pieces of roadkill were scattered about, and it was hard to dodge them all, and unfortunately we ran over one piece that hit the towbar connection being the lowest part of the car. This made a fine mess of the front of the van, with pieces of flesh hanging from the connector chains and blood splatter all down the front of the van. It also did some minor damage to the electrical connector points on the car, bending them in towards the towball.

We stopped at Pine Creek for breakfast again at Mayseys Caf

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