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Stuart Jackson 2004

Solar Eclipses - Total - Dec 4th 2002 - Ceduna

A total solar eclipse will be visible from Australia on Wednesday December 4th 2002. This is the first total solar eclipse visible from Australia since 23rd October 1976. The next will be the 13th of November 2012, visible from far north Queensland.

On the Internet
some links for live viewing:
CSIRO Australia

The narrow centreline of totality passes through Africa (Angola, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique) the Indian Ocean, then Southern Australia and into a small portion of Queensland and New South Wales. A partial eclipse will be seen over much of Africa and Australia.

World Visibility
The following graphic shows the path of the eclipse:

Australia Visibility
The following graphics show the path of the eclipse over Australia:

Map of Ceduna:

Map of Woomera:

Map of Lyndhurst:

Map of Tickalara:

Recommended Viewing
The best prospects for Australian observing would have to be near Ceduna. This is due to the increased duration (32 seconds), and access to local amenities. Lyndhurst is the only other major town on the centerline (26 seconds).

Local Circumstances at Ceduna
The eclipse path at Ceduna is 36.3kms wide, with the centreline 1.5kms north of the towns post office. Ceduna is at 32.126 S, 133.675E. The following times are in Australian Central Summer Time (which is UT + 10.5 hours)

Circumstance Time Suns Altitude (deg)
First Contact 18:40.1520.8
Second Contact 19:40.108.7
Maximum 19:40.268.6
Third Contact 19:40.428.6
Sunset 20:29 0
Last Contact 20:35.13-1.9

Weather Prospects
Temperatures of over 40 degrees C are possible.
Weather Underground - Ceduna
Bureau of Meteorology
Climate Averages for Ceduna - 26.6 avg Dec Max, 14.1 min, 15.1mm rain

During the Eclipse
Star Charts from Skymap showing the sky at Ceduna at Maximum Eclipse:
North - East - South - West - Zenith - Horizon

Getting There
Ceduna is located 1964 km from Perth, 470 km from Port Augusta and 781 km northwest of Adelaide on the Eyre Highway.
Kendell Airlines operates daily services to Ceduna (except Saturday).
Premier Coach and Greyhound have Bus services.

Accommodation at Ceduna
6 Caravan Parks
4 Motels
2 Hotels
1 Backpackers Hostel
Ceduna Foreshore Hotel/Motel (Best Western)
East West Motel (Flag)
Highway One Motel

Facilities at Ceduna
Doctor, Dentist, 3 Supermarkets, ANZ Bank, State Bank of SA, Commenwealth Bank Agent, Post Office, Numerous Cafe's, Pizza, Fish and Chips etc
Ceduna Street Map from Wilkins Tourist Maps.

My Plans
I've got two weeks off work and have organised three other people to come with me. We are hiring a Britz Explorer Campervan and driving across from Perth. We will be taking our time any enjoying the journey along the way. At Ceduna we have secured a powered site at the Ceduna Foreshore Caravan Park.

Astronomical Society of South Australia
Syzygy in Ceduna
South Australia Central
Tourism Eyre Peninsula
NASA Eclipse Guide

"Eclipse predictions (maps) courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC"

you are at: Astronomy Solar Eclipses Total - Dec 4th 2002 - Ceduna
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