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Stuart Jackson 2004

Solar Eclipses - Total - August 11th 1999


It has been 40 years since a total solar eclipse has been visible from Europe. The path of the groundtrack means that millions of people from Europe have a chance of viewing this event. The most comprehensive information on this eclipse can be found at Fred Espenak web page.

Countries where the groudtrack passes through:
England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran

I have friends in England, France, Germany and Hungary that will be observing the event on the center line. Good luck and enjoy the view :)


It sure is a long way from Australia to Europe. Lucky I had about 10 webcams and 3 cable channels covering the eclipse for me :)

Most of the webcams and internet pages were either full, unreachable or two slow, so I decided to watch the event on Foxtel. SkyNews Australia had good pre-eclipse coverage so I watched that for a bit. Just before first contact BBC World picked up the eclipse and I stayed with them for the next couple of hours. The coverage was absolutely amazing.

I watched totality in England, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Iraq and about four times in Iran thanks to some excellent local coverage by Iranian TV. The flash and diamond ring effect was breath-taking, nothing like I observed at this years annular eclipse. I will definitely be at Ceduna in 2002.

you are at: Astronomy Solar Eclipses Total - August 11th 1999
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